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According to new research from the 2019 CHILDWISE Monitor, fewer children are paid regular pocket money by their parents, with parents opting instead to make ad hoc handout payments when their kids n... Read More
There are certain things that you can do to help keep your child safe and well online. Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg has put together the following advice so that you can protect your child from the assoc... Read More
I’ve been involved in several unrelated conversations recently which led me to begin thinking about recruiting young people after full-time education, in 2021 and beyond.  More specificall... Read More
Diversity comes in many forms some of which include age, gender, race, religion, disability, and socio-economic background. Creating and fostering a diverse workplace should be high on the agenda for... Read More
Quite a few years back now, when I was still a partner at Clifford Chance, I had the delightful experience of meeting up with some old friends, all women who’d worked their whole adult liv... Read More
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