Transition to Working Parenthood

The transition to parenthood involves significant changes and adjustments for new parents, especially when combined with managing a corporate career. This page contains content which has been created to help new parents through this time, delivered through Videos and Shorts available On Demand, Articles and Podcasts. Topics span practical and emotional preparation for becoming a parent, taking parental leave and support through the period of returning to work.

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On Demand Programme

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Becoming a Working Parent: Laura Nakano and Abigail Hadley from Accenture talk to us about the transition to working parenthood. Abby shares her experience of taking parental leave, returning to work and different working patterns and Laura talks about Accenture's Expectant Parents Network and how employers can support their working parent employees.



Shared Parental Leave: Anna Richards talks to lawyer Philip Reed, a senior associate at Farrer & Co, about his experience of taking Shared Parental Leave and his advice to other families who may be considering taking it up.

Adoption: Rachel Addis from PWC talks about how she became mother to her two adopted children, including the process of being approved as adoptive parents, how she managed her adoption leave with her employer and how her flexible role helps her to balance her home and professional responsibilities.


Birth Trauma - [Trigger warning]. In this episode, we hear from independent health visitor and birth trauma specialist Liz Poole about the different types of trauma people may experience around birth, how this trauma can manifest itself if the associated emotions are not fully processed and how colleagues and friends can support those we suspect might be suffering. 














Expert Advice

Our Expert Advice section is packed full of practical tips helping members to balance their work and family lives. Here we have selected the most relevant articles: 

8 Ways to Make the Most of Your KIT Days
Ensuring you effectively use the Keeping in Touch (KIT) days available to you whilst on your maternity leave can ensure a much smoother and positive return to work once maternity leave is over.  In this guide, Rachel Jackson, Founder and CEO of A Different Me, explains how to plan out your KIT days to ensure you get the most out of them.

Returning to Work after Parental Leave
Chartered Psychologist, qualified coach, mentor and a mum of one Dr Chrissy Jones considers her advice for new parents returning to work after having a baby.

Childcare: The Options
This guide, contributed by, reviews the different types of childcare arrangements that parents typically consider for their children when they return to the world of work. 

Be a Boundaries Ninja and avoid the 'work-life' blur 
Parents need to balance their conflicting and sometimes overwhelming responsibilities by setting clear boundaries, even more so in a world that’s working remotely. And in order to really be effective, you need to set limits and be realistic about how much time there is in a day.

The WLC Blog

Since our origins in late 2012, we've published a weekly blog sharing the real life experiences and perspectives of individual members balancing work and parenthood. Here are some highlights which are particularly relevant to new parents:

Louise’s Blog: Back to Work and Back to Maternity Leave

Dolly's blog: Dear Me

Jo's blog: On Being A Returner

Julia's blog: New Parents All Over Again


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