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It’s not the outburst I expected when I unpicked my friend’s four-year-old son from the wall. He knew play was over seeing me stride over after repeated cries to “get off the wall&r... Read More
School starts back next week, and what had appeared as a long road ahead two months ago, has in fact flown. Here in Ireland, the school term finishes even earlier than it did in London. Those school ... Read More
It’s one of those watershed moments: our firstborn is starting secondary school in September, she’s just got a phone and she's starting to go out and about on her own. Keen to encoura... Read More
I moved into my first army quarter just before our eldest was born, bribing myself with a Smeg fridge to prove that, despite now having to live in an epicentre of tedium painted entirely in magnolia,... Read More
A brown man walks into a potentially the start of a humorous observation of ethnic mismatches and misunderstandings that would have been acceptable in the 80's, but actually it conti... Read More
By the time you read this blog, Son will have started his GCSEs, the culmination of three sets of mocks over the past year, endless revision sessions – for the students and the parents! - and e... Read More
We were one of thousands of households in the UK, seduced into bringing a puppy into our family during the Covid-19 lockdown; perhaps ‘coerced’ would be a more accurate description. My da... Read More
I need to learn from Commander-in-Chief-Junior’s priorities. He woke me up in the middle of the night murmuring something unintelligible about Dracula. When I asked him in the morning what he d... Read More
Like fellow contributor Jill , we often struggle to get through the regular homework set by the school.  My daughter claims that homework is not for weekend days at all, which is a good an... Read More
There is a bit of a pinch to turning 40. It’s the age that you think of in your 20s as people having their life organised, and settled, and having disposable income! Now that I am looking down ... Read More
As with most things in life, Valentine’s Day has meant something different to me during different periods in my life. I remember the fear as a teenager that I might not receive any cards, along... Read More
Ten years ago, I saw an email from Citymothers seeking applications for a blog they were about to launch. I had three children under the age of eight, childcare we couldn’t afford, a husband ab... Read More
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