Ruth's blog: They Grow Up So Fast

clock Released On 13 June 2023

Ruth's blog: They Grow Up So Fast

Now that the sun is shining (FINALLY) I can feel the summer holidays approaching and more milestones about to fly past.  Our summer-born son has almost finished Reception (he will still be 4 until August!) and our daughter has almost finished Year 2.

We have done another clear out of clothes for the younger niece and nephews; the baby years are receding into the less-recent past.

And with it, like the sun peeking out from behind a cloud, is a glimpse of the future.

Our son seems to have “got” writing.  After not being very interested, then struggling with pen control, letters may be jerky, and floating – but very recognisable.  And copious!  I found a writing activity book and he sat there for ages tracing the dots, doing the zigzags, choosing what colour pen to use next.  I crept away and left him to it while peeking around the corner and making encouraging noises.

Our daughter can read recipes and weigh ingredients: she is becoming an independent baker (WIN).  All of a sudden, our ongoing commentary about what we cook and why and can they test if this pasta is cooked?  Is turning into practical life skills.  I started Brownies when I was her age and I learnt how to use a kettle to make cups of tea for my Hostess badge: maybe that’s next? 

She is showing more preferences for certain clothes; although she is still happy to wear most things there are definite favourites.  

And her room.  Well.  She has had her own room since winter and this has given her magpie tendencies free rein.  Toys from all over the house have migrated in there, all played with, all in organised “set-ups” (thank you nursery!).  We have a rule that the floor must be cleared once a week at a minimum so that we can hoover.  Over time this has got harder and harder to enforce as all set-ups are precious and cannot be moved but as it was half term, we thought it was time for a proper tidy up.  And it was enlightening: we found (in no particular order): two massive rolls of masking tape; the largest hardback book I own; a half eaten mini bag of Haribo (we have at least one regular mouse, this was not a good find!); two wrapped lollipops (now in the sweet jar); and three gooey lip balms that we do not know where they came from (now in the bin).  She has created her own space which we love and encourage, but it felt odd and new that she had deliberately hidden certain items from us.  We have now set some ground rules but apart from that, her room is hers to design as she pleases.

Next stage: tweenager?  I am not ready!  Is there a manual?!

Ruth works 4 days per week in a central London accounting & tax firm.  She lives in South West London with her husband, two children aged 7 and 4 and a tank of tropical fish.


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