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Since our origins in late 2012, we've published a weekly blog sharing the real life experiences and perspectives of individual members on their work life, home and wellbeing. 

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I am not well educated. I have a few GCSEs to my name, never did A-levels and my lack of university attendance was, for a long time, a big old chip on my shoulder. But just because I am not degree le... Read More
There’s nothing like driving behind an ambulance containing one’s parents to get in the mood for Easter.  At least we’ve moved closer, so when the call came to say Dad had coll... Read More
We moved into our terraced house as a recently married couple. For a long time the sound of our feet on the floorboards echoed against the bare walls of sparsely furnished rooms.  14 years,... Read More
Recently, I’ve been in a conflicted headspace about a rather important personal issue. It got to the point where it had been in my head for too long and I need to get it out, but I was still no... Read More
As a young girl growing up in Africa, my parents always encouraged laughter in our communication. Often, as we shared meals around the table, it was typical for either my mother or father to tell a h... Read More
The last blog I wrote was about the summer holidays ( link ) and I am writing this in early December with chocolate advent calendars already started. I am sure that like many of you juggling wor... Read More
It’s been a busy few years. Actually, I feel like I have not drawn breath since forever, due to a number of things happening one after the other. It started with my mother-in-law’s death ... Read More
There are periods in life and in parenting when you don’t even realise you are holding your breath until you finally exhale. I have just come out of such a period. Our childminder died peaceful... Read More
After I had my two children, I seriously considered changing my career. I wanted to pursue my professional interest in psychology. However, it wasn’t straightforward decision. I had a good job ... Read More
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