Linda's Blog: Just Do It

clock Released On 11 June 2024

Linda's Blog: Just Do It

I've spent the last few months in crisis mode at work, gradually becoming more and more worn down as we try to get to grips with the situation.  I have not been enjoying it and in a momentary lull, I logged onto LinkedIn for some mindless respite.  To my surprise I had received a LinkedIn message from a headhunter asking to speak if I was interested in a role.  I've never been headhunted before so it was a pleasant surprise to be contacted out of the blue and for a job that would be a big step up.  But I had no energy to make this happen.  I didn't have the time, head space or positive attitude required but deep inside knew it was important to seize the opportunity.  Before I could indulge my inner critic, I replied and said yes.  I moved some things around and blocked out my diary.

I stayed up late to plan what I wanted to say on the call, checked what the headhunter knew from my LinkedIn profile and rehearsed a canter through my career.  I didn't have time to research the company in the way I'd have liked and felt woefully under-prepared.  I felt nervous because I knew a lot was riding on this: if the intro went well, it would open me up to a new category of roles. 

My nerves increased when, due to work demands, I had to rearrange the call not once but twice and I felt the pressure of making a doubly good impression to make up for it.  Then, an extra meeting landed in my diary which meant I was back to back and my cunning plan to duck out of the office for the call failed.  I knew I couldn't rearrange again and so had to bite the bullet and book a meeting room.  I felt extremely on edge, especially as I was acutely aware that our glass meeting room walls aren't properly sound proofed and I have quite a loud voice!

The whole situation was far from perfect and my heart was hammering as I tried to sound confident whilst speaking in an unnaturally hushed tone.  I tried to ignore the gremlin that was screaming "you don't have time for this" and "you're not qualified for the job" and focused on writing notes as the headhunter spoke.  I was just starting to get into the flow of the conversation when I saw my boss stride down the corridor looking left and right. The adrenaline started to race again as I wondered if he was looking for me.  

I knew I was running out of time when I saw colleagues start to gather for my next meeting.  I messaged to say I'd be slightly late but then there was a knock on the door as someone else had booked my room.  My slot was up and I had to quickly bring the conversation to a close.

By the time I'd said goodbye I felt exhausted but I also felt buoyed up by the conversation.  I realised that by making time for one call, I had taken back a bit of control of my week and ultimately my career.  As a friend said, just do it because no one else is going to do it for you.     

Linda is a lawyer who has two children aged 11 and 7. She and her husband work full time and juggle the school run and everything else between them.


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