Awareness Dates: Calendar & Content

The WorkLife Central programme acknowledges the major DEI/Wellbeing awareness dates (for example - Carers Week, Pride Month, World Menopause Day etc) throughout the calendar year, providing a cornerstone for your firm's inclusion agenda. Below you can find a summary of the awareness dates we expect to cover, organised by calendar month, along with associated planned content. Please note, we have selected the awareness dates we believe are most relevant to WorkLife Central clients and members - it is not intended to be a full and comprehensive list.

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Upcoming Awareness Dates

  • 1 Feb to 29 Feb
    LGBT+ History Month
  • 1 Feb
    Time to Talk Day
  • 4 Feb
    World Cancer Day
  • 5 Feb to 11 Feb
    Children's Mental Health Week
  • 26 Feb to 5 Mar
    Eating Disorders Awareness Week
  • 8 Mar
    International Women's Day
  • 18 Mar to 24 Mar
    Neurodiversity Celebration Week
  • 1 Apr to 30 Apr
    Stress Awareness Month
  • 1 Apr to 30 Apr
    Autism Awareness Month
  • 1 May to 7 May
    Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week
  • 1 May to 7 May
    Deaf Awareness Week
  • 6 May to 12 May
    Dying Matters Awareness Week
  • 13 May to 19 May
    Black Inclusion Week
  • 13 May to 19 May
    Mental Health Awareness Week
  • 17 May
    International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia
  • 1 Jun to 30 Jun
    Pride Month
  • 10 Jun to 16 Jun
    Carers Week
  • 12 Jun to 18 Jun
    Men's Health Week
  • 26 Jun to 30 Jun
    World Wellbeing Week
  • 18 Jul to 17 Aug
    South Asian Heritage Month
  • 10 Sep
    World Suicide Prevention Day
  • 30 Sep to 6 Oct
    National Inclusion Week
  • 1 Oct to 31 Oct
    Black History Month
  • 1 Oct to 31 Oct
    ADHD Awareness Month
  • 1 Oct to 31 Oct
    National Menopause Month
  • 1 Oct
    International Day of Older Persons
  • 7 Oct to 13 Oct
    National WorkLife Week
  • 9 Oct to 15 Oct
    Baby Loss Awareness Week
  • 10 Oct
    World Mental Health Day
  • 14 Oct to 20 Oct
    National Adoption Week
  • 18 Oct
    World Menopause Day
  • 1 Nov to 30 Nov
    Movember Men's Health Awareness
  • 11 Nov to 17 Nov
    Anti-Bullying Week
  • 13 Nov to 19 Nov
    Transgender Awareness Week
  • 19 Nov
    International Men's Day
  • 21 Nov
    Carers' Rights Day
  • 3 Dec
    International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Listen to WorkLife Central's Head of Content & Director Fran Murrells talk about how we plan our programme - balancing awareness dates with on-pulse trends, 'big picture’ and niche topics, to ensure there is something for everyone.

Featured Content

Below we list available content from within the WorkLife Central programme that is relevant for each awareness date. Content will typically be updated here 10-12 weeks in advance. For any queries, please contact Christy. If you would like us to arrange bespoke/tailored content for your organisation for a particular awareness date, we can do this via our WLC+ offering - please browse our WLC+page or get in touch to find out more. 

Feb 2024

01 Feb - 29 Feb

LGBT+ History Month

01 Feb

Time to Talk Day

05 Feb - 11 Feb

Children's Mental Health Week

26 Feb - 05 Mar

Eating Disorders Awareness Week

Mar 2024

08 Mar

International Women's Day

On Demand (Short): InspireInclusion - Retaining & Developing Female Talent
On Demand (Short): InspireInclusion - How We Can All Inspire Inclusion?

18 Mar - 24 Mar

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Apr 2024

01 Apr - 30 Apr

Stress Awareness Month

Meet the Expert: Steph Peltier
Expert Article: Five Stress Busting Tips

01 Apr - 30 Apr

Autism Awareness Month

Expert Article: Parenting A Child With ASD

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