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Since our origins in late 2012, we've published a weekly blog sharing the real life experiences and perspectives of individual members balancing work and parenthood.

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By the time you read this blog, Son will have started his GCSEs, the culmination of three sets of mocks over the past year, endless revision sessions – for the students and the parents! - and e... Read More
We were one of thousands of households in the UK, seduced into bringing a puppy into our family during the Covid-19 lockdown; perhaps ‘coerced’ would be a more accurate description. My da... Read More
Ten months after coming back from maternity leave I now find myself in job number three. Given that I am not a contractor this has been quite a high number of new starts in under a year! To clar... Read More
I need to learn from Commander-in-Chief-Junior’s priorities. He woke me up in the middle of the night murmuring something unintelligible about Dracula. When I asked him in the morning what he d... Read More
I went to a friend’s very glamorous 50th birthday party last weekend and thought, “God I’m old”.  “Tell me you’re not going to wear your Bush Dress&... Read More
Like fellow contributor Jill , we often struggle to get through the regular homework set by the school.  My daughter claims that homework is not for weekend days at all, which is a good an... Read More
There is a bit of a pinch to turning 40. It’s the age that you think of in your 20s as people having their life organised, and settled, and having disposable income! Now that I am looking down ... Read More
As with most things in life, Valentine’s Day has meant something different to me during different periods in my life. I remember the fear as a teenager that I might not receive any cards, along... Read More
Ten years ago, I saw an email from Citymothers seeking applications for a blog they were about to launch. I had three children under the age of eight, childcare we couldn’t afford, a husband ab... Read More
Dear Mum, I made lasagne today, just the way you taught me, with lean beef and handfuls of fresh herbs. We ate them for dinner and talked about you. Son and daughter reminisced about visiting you in ... Read More
This year I turned 50 and decided to return to work after a long career break. Thank God for HRT! My peri menopause symptoms probably started subtly over the last few years, but the roller ... Read More
So, I’m approaching a happy age in my kids’ lives when ‘the time has come to put away childish things’.  This is ages 10 and 11 in my case. Thank goodness. Happy is ... Read More
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