Caroline M's blog: Anniversaries

clock Released On 30 May 2023

Caroline M's blog: Anniversaries

We are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary next week. Where did the time go? Being 10 years married makes me feel older than my own age does. 

My husband and I were talking in the car the other day and I was listing some of the snapshots of the decade . I mentioned our amazing kids, the pets, the house moves, the holidays, the daytrips, the people who were at our wedding, but are no longer with us, the ones who were not here yet, and now are. The list is endless, but it gave comfort we definitely filled the ten years with many memories and milestones.

A few moments of reflection ensued, and then my husband said – “what was your job title and how much did you earn when we got married?” It was a very thought provoking question to ask. Not only did it conjure up how different our world was back then, but also reminded both of us how far we have come. 

In the few years before the wedding, the work week routine was predictable; get up for the gym in the morning, some days to shake off a hangover, other days for holistic glory. Concentrate on work and work alone during the work days. Go for a stroll at lunch. Finish work, and think about how to wile away the evening. The weekends had no structure – meeting friends, checking which tube line was open to potter about, and moaning about how tired I was from the week that was! 

These years, we do what moms and dads throughout time have done – frantically get the kids ready for their day, race to their respective drop offs, hurtle to the train. Arrive at work hoping I brushed my teeth, focus with all my might at work, while being prompted about some last minute ‘cannot -do – without -thing’ that I need to get for school. Keep an eye on the clock to make sure I do not miss the train home so I can see out the day in reverse order.  On the weekend, we fall into the girls’ hobby routine, and ferry them from A to B. 

While it is chaotic, and a far cry from our life ten years ago,  I would not change a thing. There have been ups and downs, euphoric joy, and sadness, banal days, and days we will never forget.  We are immensely grateful for our lot, and  have worked very hard over the years tag teaming to keep our careers going, to keep our girls at the centre of our world and to keep sane. Together. 

Our first dance at the wedding was ‘In My Life’. Ten years on, it has even more depth to it’s meaning. 

Caroline M works in Investment Risk at an Asset Manager in Dublin. She lives with her husband, two wonderful and resilient girls age 7 and age 4, as well as their ‘proving to be popular’ dog


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