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Ruth's blog: Moving on

By the time this blog is published, we will have moved house.  “It’s a big adventure!” we tell the children, describing our new house.  We are lucky to be moving about 10m... Read More

Addy's blog: What's in a word

Last week I was privileged to be invited to a “What’s the T in LGBT+” event which aimed to “look to amplify the voices of the trans community and its allies so people learn fr... Read More

Ruban's blog: Falling down

I lay crumpled in my seat, my head buried in my lap, blocking out all visual evidence of what had just taken place. However, my ears were open and what I could not see, I could hear. Unravelling myse... Read More

Ally's blog: Refresh and reset

So once again it’s back to school time - that long summer holiday that filled us with a panic of “how do I arrange 7 weeks of childcare?” has flown by, tricking us with the grey ski... Read More

Julia's blog: Rebalancing

Yesterday, I finally peeled the summer spreadsheet off the wall, the blank physical absence a reminder of the new space in my life: that, at least for now, daytime timetabling is the responsibility o... Read More

Barbara's blog: She who dares...

Last April I secured a promotion, after a round of interviews where I had to face some tough competition. I was delighted as it was a new role that had been created to lead the design and implementat... Read More

Victoria's blog: Feeling valued

In my previous post, I looked forward to some nice routine surgery for a break from my work and my life. Unfortunately, my routine surgery became emergency surgery that knocked me out for six weeks. ... Read More

Ruth's blog: Last week of term

I am writing this on Monday evening, this being the last week that my daughter will spend in Reception.  We have been amazed that she has managed a whole school year and bar a few days of self i... Read More

Marion's blog: One hour at a time

This pandemic has been raging on now for what feels like forever, but in reality, is a little short of a year and a half or so. During this time, we have followed the rules, stayed inside, stuck to w... Read More

Caroline M's blog: Failing

I suspect I won’t be alone in saying there were many days throughout the lockdowns where I felt I failed at everything- work, childcare, home schooling, nourishing and nurturing not just my fam... Read More

Dolly's blog: London baby

And it goes a little something like this…    After 15 months marooned in a scenic but achingly dull corner of rural Wiltshire (devoid of non-supermarket retail, decent coff... Read More

Jon's blog: Meh?

There's something about the word "meh" that just tickles me.  It's so comprehensively dismissive for such a short word, and the sound it makes captures the feeling behind it so... Read More
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