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Why is this such a big deal in grown up age? I’m not going to lie, my social life took a hit during Covid. Everything changed. My community, my routine, my job, my personality… all of it... Read More
Ten years ago, I saw an email from Citymothers seeking applications for a blog they were about to launch. I had three children under the age of eight, childcare we couldn’t afford, a husband ab... Read More
Dear Mum, I made lasagne today, just the way you taught me, with lean beef and handfuls of fresh herbs. We ate them for dinner and talked about you. Son and daughter reminisced about visiting you in ... Read More
This year I turned 50 and decided to return to work after a long career break. Thank God for HRT! My peri menopause symptoms probably started subtly over the last few years, but the roller ... Read More
So, I’m approaching a happy age in my kids’ lives when ‘the time has come to put away childish things’.  This is ages 10 and 11 in my case. Thank goodness. Happy is ... Read More
As a teenager in the 1980s, I was addicted to Capital Radio, desperate for enough money to buy a pair of Converse, and had a crush on the boy over the road. I dreamt of working with dolphins and ador... Read More
School starts next week: into Year 2 for our eldest and our youngest starts in Reception. Everyone is very excited. The older one to see all of her friends, go back to the school routine an... Read More
I must admit, before my youngest was born (4 years ago) hubby and I were pretty spoiled when it came to holidays. We went everywhere, Cuba, Thailand, you name it. When the eldest was born we took him... Read More
In my last blog I shared about my recent and unexpected diagnosis of stage 4 bowel cancer, which was treatable but not medically curable.  I’d been on gruelling chemotherapy for around thr... Read More
I have to hand it to Generation Alpha - their confidence and sassy natures that interrupt adult conversation midway and point out emphatically: "You're not clapping for me!" This w... Read More
I’ve been on a career break. I am not sure if there is ever a right time to do it or a time not to do it, but as it turned out for us, circumstances conspired to make the decision a little easi... Read More
I have got 15 Fridays left with my son before he starts school in September.  That doesn’t feel very many.  It doesn’t feel enough. Since returning to work when he was arou... Read More
It’s been 5 weeks since I have been sat at a desk and logged onto my work laptop. I am impressed I can even remember the password and avoid the ignominy of explaining why I forgot it without bl... Read More
A few weeks ago, a friend bought me a book to help me navigate the challenge that having a three-legged dog has brought to our family. And rather than just provide practical advice to support the dog... Read More
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