Angel's Blog: Matching Christmas PJ’s

clock Released On 14 November 2022

Angel's Blog: Matching Christmas PJ’s

Hey, how are you all? Today I am writing from the ‘Half Term Trenches’. I am still alive, amazingly still smiling and my kids haven’t killed each other. How I hear you ask?

I cheated; I sent them to camp! Okay Okay not all the time mind you. They went for half the week and then I only had to take the rest of the week off. I also didn’t have to pay for it. My workplace does a fantastic benefit called My Family Care. They pay for six sessions of childcare a year for you. My boys spent half the week in a fun holiday camp where they played laser tag, dodgeball, did archery, football, music, art and more and they loved it. This meant that they were so tired the days they were at home, they played Lego, read quietly and enjoyed each other’s company. I even let them watch a movie.

I started to feel a bit guilty. I was wondering if I should have dragged them pumpkin picking. I thought about it but my youngest left his wellies at school and squelching through a muddy field in the rain just wasn’t appealing. Then I thought about all the museums or days out they should have been enjoying. My mind went back to when I took them to see ‘Blippi The Musical’ in the west end and I shuddered…perhaps not.

I realised that we all needed that bit of down time. We were all tired. I started to reflect on between now and Christmas, when things get a bit busier how we could relax and chill together as a family. I wrote lots of notes, I even did a little chart which had things like meditation, stretching and a monthly massage for me on it.  I envisioned cuddles, movies and hot chocolate.

I must have had this in mind because when I went to the supermarket to get kitchen towels a purchase that’s around £5, I ended spending over £60 up purchasing us all matching Christmas PJ’s. My husband looked a little bemused as I explained everything (whilst begging him to try his on in case they didn’t fit.) ‘Essential for the chill out plan’ I explained to his raised eyebrows.  Step 1 is now complete, do excuse me whilst I go off and reduce our social calendar.

Enjoy your week.

Executive Assistant Angel is married and lives in Hertfordshire with her two wonderful boys aged 4 and 6. They also have two fish and a stray cat who lives in the garden – that’s for another blog!

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