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Those of you who have worked with me, may well be aware that my speciality is working with parents who have challenging children, and I would say that in 50% of my bespoke coaching work, those challe... Read More
It’s the question we all dread “Does Santa really exist?” Do I tell them the truth? What do I say? What if they accuse me of being a liar? Our older children who... Read More
Divorce is common. In the United States, nearly 50% of all marriages ending in divorce. In many instances, children of divorce tend to suffer the most, given their inability to process and cope with ... Read More
Looking for childcare? What childcare options are there? And how can you bring the cost down? You’re pregnant. The birth is looming and you think you’ve got everything planned. Birth... Read More
Signs of autism in teens who do not (yet) have a diagnosis are likely to be subtle. If the signs were not subtle, they would probably have been picked up and assessed at a younger age. The signs ofte... Read More
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