Katie's blog: All Change!

clock Released On 10 October 2023

Katie's blog: All Change!

After I had my two children, I seriously considered changing my career. I wanted to pursue my professional interest in psychology. However, it wasn’t straightforward decision. I had a good job and I’d worked hard to get to the position I was in, so stepping away felt like a waste of hard work. Not to mention, we had a lot going on already with two very young children. Being a new parent was challenging– at times it was like having a second full time job – a job I had no training or experience in! There is a lot to be said for keeping some things constant when you start a family - doing a job you know, in a company you’re familiar with – so that at least one part of life is relatively predictable.  I stuck with what I was doing for a while, although the career change dilemma surfaced in my thoughts regularly. 

Last year, a coincidence of events finally made me wake up and realise that I had to get out of my own way and take the leap.  I decided to go back to university to do a Master’s. Whenever I told people I was studying again, this was commonly met with comments like, ‘I could never go back to studying again!’. I can understand that reaction, and it wasvery challenging at times, but I absolutely loved it learning in the university setting again. This time though, felt very different from when I was an undergraduate. I had made a lot of sacrifices to study so my motivation to learn was high and one of the best things about studying after you’ve lived and worked for a while, is being able to apply what you’re learning to real life experiences you’ve had, as well as looking back at past situations through a different perspective. I also appreciated my fellow students in a different way. It was a privilege to learn alongside a diverse mix of fellow students and lecturers. There was a wide range of ages, nationalities, cultures, religions, life, and work experiences among us and  when everyone brought their life experiences and different perspectives into the classroom it made the learning experience so interesting.

There is something very special about having the opportunity to study and I know I am very lucky to have been able to do that again and have the support and encouragement of my family to try something new. Looking back, there were times when I doubted whether I’d done the right thing but I’m glad I persevered and found the courage to take the leap despite my fear. 

Katie has worked in Human Resources for twenty years and having always had a passion for psychology, is currently taking a year out to study Occupational and Business Psychology. She lives in Surrey with her husband, two children and dog.


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