Eliza's blog: Life After University: Navigating the Corporate World

clock Released On 23 January 2024

Eliza's blog: Life After University: Navigating the Corporate World

For me, 2023 has been a year of change. From starting my career, moving out of my family home, and pushing myself to try new things, I am grateful for everything that has happened.

While I still feel 16 in some ways, I often feel a lot older than 23. I love my new routine, but it can feel surreal remembering I only graduated last year. For a lot of students, after graduating you can feel slightly lost. You are deciding what it is you want to do in life, after years of education. Reflecting on it all, I am proud of what I have achieved.

In October 2022, I travelled to Bali on my own to volunteer at a school. This was an amazing three weeks and opened my eyes to a new culture, and way of living. Fast forward a few months and I was ready to begin a new job in London in January 2023. I felt excited but unsure of what to expect. In the office I work on big projects, network with colleagues around the business, and can learn every day. When I log off, I walk to Elephant and Castle to play netball, then I head home, cook whatever is in the fridge, and then catch up on how the couples are faring this week in Married At First Sight on Channel 4. It can be tiring, and I am still adjusting, but I feel fulfilled with my life and this is something I will never take for granted.

It is important to not compare yourself to others. We are on unique journeys and having different experiences. My twin brother has recently flown to Bangkok and will then move to Australia. He could not imagine anything worse than a corporate 9-5, and I will not be booking a flight to Bangkok anytime soon either. But I understand and appreciate the differences in people’s motivations, fears, goals, and ultimately what we strive for in life.

While an Oat Flat White is not my sole reason for getting out of bed, it does go down a treat after a short and somewhat unpleasant trip to work on the Northern Line at 8.00am. Starting my job in January has allowed me to learn a lot about myself. If I showed my January self who I have become, she wouldn’t have believed me. I have seen a big shift in my confidence, and ability to adapt, manage conflict, and gain the most out of new experiences.

Almost twelve months down the line, and I still have my moments (I think we all do). Is this really what I want to be doing? To be honest, I don’t believe anyone knows. I do know that each day I am doing something purposeful that makes a positive difference to those I work with. This is my driver. I am grateful for what I have learned so far and hope to share my experiences with others.


My biography - Eliza (23), works in HR at an Investment Bank in the City of London. When she is not at work she spends her time playing netball, seeing friends and exploring all the coffee shops South West London has to offer. 


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