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Angel's blog: Practice Makes Perfect

clock Released On 17th Jan 2022

Angel's blog: Practice Makes Perfect

Happy New Year to everyone.  In November I started a new job.  I had been at my previous company for nearly eleven years and to be truly honest, I had gotten comfortable. I liked the job, I liked the people but I wasn’t really growing. So, I took a very brave leap and moved on. I am so glad I did, the new role is busy, the company is excellent, and the people are wonderful. I have never felt so valued and welcome starting a new role.

Before the latest working from home advice, I managed to go into the office a couple of times a week. As I had not returned to an office environment since March 2020, I was full of worries. The first one was about going on the train. I have had anxiety about train travel since the 7/7 bombings and being caught up in all of that. Sometimes if I hear a loud bang or shouting and I am travelling home alone I will get off, calm down and wait for the next one. When I told my son I was nervous about going back on the train he smiled and said, ‘Perhaps you just need more practice mummy!’. He was right.

Then I started worrying about what would happen with the children. I’d have to leave early in the mornings so who was going to do the school runs on days that I couldn't? Would I still be able to eat with my family in the evenings and read them stories? My husband and I sat down and planned out everything. He would do drop-offs on mornings I couldn’t and vice versa. In the evenings, if he could do pick up, he would.  Otherwise, my eldest might have to do after school club and my youngest might have to stay in the nursery until six and I would get him. It was all planned out. When I mentioned my return to work to some fellow school parents, they also offered help if we were ever stuck which was sweet. We were all sorted.

When it was time for me to go to work, I will admit I enjoyed it. The walk to the station, time to listen to my favourite podcast. It kept me distracted on the train even though I was shaking like a leaf when I first got on.  Eating lunch somewhere new, meeting new people. I only wished even more people came to the office, as many people were still working virtually. The best bit was coming home to my somewhat flustered husband. The kids were washed and changed, dinner was ready, the kitchen was a bombsight but everyone was so happy to see me and tell me about their day.

So when things are a little better I will brave the train and return to the office a couple of days a week. If anyone out there is still hesitating, I hope that my experience gives you confidence.

A few weeks later when I was dropping my son to school, he said ‘Mum I am not sure Dad knows how to do school runs properly’
‘Why do you say that?’ I asked him
‘Well, when Dad does it we are always rushing and sometimes we are so late I have to go in via the office as the classroom is shut’
I raised my eyebrows but then smiled and replied ‘Perhaps he just needs more practice’ 😊

Angel is an Executive Assistant and a busy mum of a Lego mad 6-year-old and a music crazy 3-year-old. She lives with them, her husband and two fish in Hertfordshire and when in the office, works in Holborn.


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