clock Released On 21 November 2012

Roll on the weekend

Tricky week so far - at least we're over half way now. Husband away on business, baby not sleeping well (still has a cold & cough), loads to do at work. At least, on the plus side, there is no need to cook in the evenings with husband away so that's one job saved! I'll be trawling through my Jamie Oliver 15 minute meals from next week looking for inspiration.

Pondering the new phrases 'Nappy Ceiling' - thanks to Stylist magazine - or 'Nappy Wall'  as coined by Helen Fraser of the Girls School Day Trust, both meant to imply the new glass ceiling for women who choose to have a child as well as a career. Not a bad choice of words really - and there's no doubt that for many mothers, the maternity transition can be extremely difficult. The challenge is surmountable, though, with the right support from employers (of course) as well as peers - which is why Citymothers is here. 


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