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Through our WLC+ service we are able to go above and beyond standard corporate membership, including planning and delivering events/content tailored directly to your organisation's needs.

One-off events

Are you looking for a speaker for your Family/Parents & Carers Network, a wellbeing session for the whole firm, or an inclusion event to support an Awareness Day?

WLC+ bespoke events are organised by our experienced team and can include a variety of formats including, but not limited to - talks, interviews and workshops. All content is just for your employees, delivered at a date and time that is convenient for you and can take place either on-line or in your offices.

Please click here to find out more about one off events and to see a small selection of our most popular content covering a range of families, wellbeing, careers and inclusion topics and contact us to enquire about pricing. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please get in touch.

‘Work Life Central coordinated and arranged a fantastic session for us on ‘How to talk to children about race’ – the speaker Uju was excellent – engaging, constructive and thought provoking, the session would have happily run over the hour with all the questions that were being raised by people across the business, in what was one of our best attended network events.’  
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Content packages

Would you like to supplement an internal initiative or awareness day with something extra - perhaps a video Short from an expert, a Live Talk, or even a mini-series of events, providing an inspiring and motivational package of resources to share with employees?

Through WLC+ we can provide you with an easy, admin-light solution that will enhance the programme of resources you offer your employees, on a tailored and bespoke basis. Examples might include - a dedicated range of resources for Pride Month, a mini-series of video Shorts for Mental Health Week, an organised Q&A for Carer's Week, or a combination package of content including a Live Talk, Article and On Demand Video for World Menopause Day.

Please get in touch to find out how we can support you.

Calendar/Awareness Day planning

  • Would you like a bespoke calendar of content for your organisation featuring key D&I wellbeing themes that -
    • supports and motivates staff
    • amplifies your D&I/Wellbeing agenda
    • highlights themes important to your firm
    • ties to your organisations' values?
  • Not sure where to start, or short of time and internal resource?

Through WLC+ we'll listen to your priorities, then plan AND deliver a calendar of a bespoke calendar of live events, videos and resources for your employees for the coming year - a bespoke programme that amplifies your D&I/Wellbeing agenda, highlights themes important to your firm, and supports and motivates employees.

Whether for an internal employee work or your firmwide D&I calendar encompassing key awareness day/week/monthly themes, content is carefully curated for your firm's needs by the WorkLife Central team, and delivered by our hand-picked experts.

With more than 60 awareness days/weeks/months coming up in the D&I/Wellbeing diary in 2023 there's a lot to think about - if you'd like to work with us to deliver your 2023 calendar, please get in touch



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