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WorkLife Central Peer Support Groups: FAQs

Have a question about WorkLife Central Peer Support Groups - what they are and how they work? Please read our FAQ below or contact Jill/one of our team if you need urgent help.

What are Peer Support Groups ('Support Groups')?
Support Groups enable members to share experiences, encouragement and advice on a particular topic. Informal, friendly and confidential, these events connect professionals who may be facing similar personal situations, experiences or challenges so they can support each other. Each group is lightly facilitated by a WorkLife Central team member.  There will be no ‘expert content’ and the focus of the group will be the sharing of personal experiences and provision of peer to peer support.

These groups will:

  • Provide a safe confidential space to share experiences and support others in similar sometimes sensitive situations, under Chatham House Rule.
  • Follow good group discussion etiquette – listening well; being supportive and empathetic; positive and productive; and non-judgemental.

Important information: WorkLife Central Peer Support Groups are intended to offer a safe space for Members to discuss particular issues or circumstances with their peers, and are supportive in nature. Peer Support Groups will not engage in rendering psychological or healthcare advice for any particular individual or situation. They are designed to be used for peer support and should be used in conjunction with professional care. Peer Support Groups will not provide medical, mental health or any other type of health service. No diagnosis, treatment recommendations or advice regarding any medical or mental health condition or illness will be offered. Peer Support Groups cannot be a substitute for or alternative to treatment when a medical or mental health condition is present. Support group members are advised to seek professional services from licensed physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists and health care professionals, if and when necessary. The information provided on and by the WorkLife Central website is to be used for educational purposes only. Neither WorkLife Central Ltd, Cityparents Ltd nor its contributors shall be held liable for any improper or incorrect use of the information described and/or contained herein and assumes no responsibility for anyone’s use of the information.

Can I book a place at a Support Group? 
In order to join a Support Group, first you need to register as a member of WorkLife Central, and then use an access pass to book events.There are two access pass options: your firm might have a Corporate Access pass enabling all employees with free access to our programme of content. Or you can purchase an individual pass. Click here to find out more. 

What software do you use for Support Group?
Support Groups take place on Zoom Meetings.

I’m having trouble connecting to a Support Group, please help!
If you're having any issues connecting to a Support Group, please try the following:

1) Disconnect from the Webinar and try to join again

2) Visit the Zoom technical support webpage

3) Contact Jill or one of our team

How do I register for a Support Group?
Please log into your WorkLife Central member account, and when the support group opens for booking, click on 'Book now'  to book your place.  Once you've registered, you will receive a confirmation email from us. In the days leading up to the event a member of the team will email a further confirmation of your place.

Support Group bookings will close 30 minutes prior to the advertised Support Group start time and the link to access the Support Group will be sent at or before this point. Remember to look out for the confirmation email before the event with the Access Link!

How and when will I receive the Support Group Access Link?  
You will receive the Support Group Access Link prior to the start of the Support Group, via email.  We will not publish the link on our website or in the initial confirmation email.  Please check your spam/junk email folders and contact us if there is a problem receiving our emails.  Support Group bookings will close 30 minutes prior to the advertised start time and the link to access the Support Group will be sent at or before this point.

I can’t find my Access Link, how do I request another?  
Please look for emails from Jill/our team that you would have received on the morning of the event, otherwise please email us and we will help you during the live event.

Can I access the Support Group after the event date/time has passed? 
No, for confidentiality reasons Support Groups are not recorded.

Should I have my camera and microphone on during the Support Group? 
Due to the sensitive nature of the topics Support Groups cover you can choose to engage as little or as much as you feel comfortable to. Once you are comfortable, to gain maximum benefit from the Support Group, we at WorkLife Central do recommend having your camera and microphone on.

How many people will there be at a Support Group? 
The average group size is around 10, usually a mixture of regular attendees and new joiners.

How do I join the Support Group? 
You will receive an email with the relevant Support Group links and instructions in advance of each event.  Please do look out for these emails as we will not be broadcasting the Support Group live on our website.

Do I need to download any software to make it work? 
No, we will send you a weblink.  No software needs to be downloaded to your computer or device, just follow the weblink (nice and simple!)

Can I join from a Mac? 
Absolutely, event access is via a website, just follow the webpage from any computer or device with an internet connection.

How can I test my microphone is working? 
When on the event page, click the arrow next to the microphone icon to test your microphone.


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