Meet the Expert: Interview with Kate Black

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clock Released On 05 April 2021

Meet the Expert: Interview with Kate Black

In the latest interview our esteemed panel of experts, corporate nutritionist Kate Black tells us how her interest in healthy eating started and what issues she most commonly hears from clients who struggle to maintain a healthy diet.

CP: Kate, please tell us about your background and how you built your experience as an expert in nutrition?

KB: Until I left the heady heights of a media career to have my beautiful girls, I’d had a typical “grab and go” diet, eating what was on hand and drinking too much.  I knew I should probably eat better, but I was totally unaware that my lifestyle was playing havoc with my health, even when I began suffering from multiple infections, exhaustion and I piled on the pounds.

Once I was a mum, I became acutely aware of what I was feeding my babies, making sure everything was clean, natural, organic and fresh.   I started making small changes to my own diet that were surprisingly easy and had terrific results.  I glowed, had infinite energy, slept better, was no longer constantly run down with colds and infections. 

The positive impact nutrition had on me literally changed my life, and I wanted to help others do the same, which led me to study at the prestigious Institute for Optimum Nutrition.  Since then, I’ve worked tirelessly nurturing people through simple yet effective change by coaching them to rebalance their body for good health.  The results always speak for themselves, and I honestly think I have the best job in the world.

CP: What do you enjoy most about your work?

KB: The people I work with often come feeling unwell, depleted, stressed and sleep-deprived, often after suffering long-term to trying every avenue.  When they leave, they are listening to their body, established in good habits and informed after being supported every step of the way.  Seeing them glow from the inside out with renewed confidence and love for life is beyond a joy.

When a client leaves a review, I cry with pride and excitement for them.  I take everyone’s conditions to heart, so it feels very personal when they succeed.

I am also a secret nerd who loves nothing better than delving into someone’s health history to uncover the reasons behind their ill health, then devising a manageable plan to make them well.  Although I offer simple changes for my clients, it’s a scientific and complicated process for me behind the scenes.  I often research conditions for hours while also considering emotional wellbeing.  I find it completely fascinating.

I love my online programme and membership group, where I can encourage daily rituals to improve health.  No two people are the same, and the variety keeps me going.  It’s such a privilege to be able to help people improve their lives.

CP: How do you look after your own wellbeing?

KB: I genuinely believe in everything I preach, so I plan healthy meals, shop for fresh, good quality produce, cook from scratch and eat mindfully.  I also keep well and truly connected to real-life indulging like everyone else, so I can relate to my client’s struggles!  Good food and lifestyle choices may heal the body, but laughter, fun and deep, meaningful relationships are of utmost importance for my mental health. 

In normal circumstances, I love a dinner party with family or friends.  Travelling and being connected to the earth and water are what make me tick.  If I’m not in my campervan or at a festival, you’ll find me swimming or paddleboarding in any lake, sea or river, hiking through woods or up hills, skiing in the mountains or dancing around the kitchen with my girls. 

I find peace in simple pleasures like sitting in my garden reading, listening to the birds with a hot mint tea, having a long magnesium-rich bath or reading the latest novel.

CP: What issues do you come across most regularly when speaking to clients?

The issues clients come with are varied; that’s why my business is called Bespoke Nutritional Therapy; each client is unique and therefore, how we work together is.

However, key issues definitely include:

Lack of time

People often feel they don’t have the time, but find once their eating plan is structured, they find they have more time to do things they love with the knowledge and the peace of mind they’re looking after their health at the same time.

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed

Often there is a mental struggle for people, where they know what they ‘should’ be doing, but they feel like they can’t start or stick with it.  This is where my coaching comes in, and I bring clarity.  It’s another area where I am bespoke, providing personalised coaching and helping their specific needs.

Exhaustion and unexplained pain

Fundamentally, it’s about small steps, remembering that even one small change will have positive effects, and this is something that we work on together.  I know if you can get past your mental blocks, anything is possible.

Parents struggling with fussy eaters

When it comes to bringing healthy eating to the rest of our family, helping our children understand what eating healthily looks like and why it’s important can establish good boundaries.  Making simple healthy swaps can be a game-changer for most parents.  Getting fussy eaters to eat well takes time and patience, which gets easier once our own habits are managed.

CP: If you could give one piece of advice to someone who felt they were in a bad cycle of bad health like you did twelve years ago, what would it be?

KB: Eating healthily does not mean going on a strict or fad diet, and it doesn’t have to be complicated.  It can be super fun, especially when you begin to feel amazing.  Every healthy change you accomplish, no matter how small, can make an enormous difference to your health. 

By prioritising planning and organisation as well as time to relax and have fun, we begin to take control and enable a good environment for health.  What could be better than that?


Kate offers one-to-one consultations that are completely bespoke, as well as Feel Great in Five online programmes and an amazing Feel Great Forever monthly subscription.  Details of all three are available on her website,


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