Meet the Cityparents team. First up: Jill Rensing

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clock Released On 22 March 2022

Meet the Cityparents team. First up: Jill Rensing

In this new series of written interviews with the Cityparents team, get to know former actress and tech super star Jill Rensing. Click below to learn more about her role within the team, her favourite part of Cityparents and how she looks after her own wellbeing.

CP: Jill, please start by telling us about your background, and how you found your way to the Cityparents team?

JR: I’m originally from New York and have a BFA in Musical Theatre. Between acting gigs in New York, I would often work as a production assistant on commercial shoots, interview shows and live streamed events. My first visa to come to the UK was with a film company – so I have a solid background in the arts and media production. 

After getting married and starting down the path of family life, I moved into events administration and coordination, primarily with conferences and trainings as these are daytime events. I was on MAT leave when the pandemic hit, then furloughed and I was really struggling with everything that came with not having the mental stimulation of a job, being stuck in the house, and having my identity defined by two small humans who I love with all of my being! I started looking at job adverts and applied for roles which either seemed interesting, would lead to a clear career path or provided a degree of flexibility.  Little did I know that the perfect role would pop up on my screen one day, beginning my journey with Cityparents.

CP: Tell us about your role: what do you do for Cityparents and what do you like most about working for Cityparents?

JR: I am a Content and Event Manager and my role is varied. I commission and produce the Live and On Demand content in our Wellbeing programme, host events, help maintain the website, edit videos, and work on various digital marketing projects with Anna Richards, our Head of Communications and Marketing.

My absolute favourite thing about working for Cityparents is that I do not feel limited. I do not feel held back. I am encouraged, inspired and in awe of the people I work with and what our small team is able to accomplish with our days. When I joined Cityparents I was incredibly intimidated by the calibre of the people who work in the company and my Imposter Syndrome was in full force. But that feeling didn’t last long being surrounded by some fierce, supportive, driven women. I am lucky to be in their orbit!

CP: Tell us something that people might not know about you?

JR: I am the epitome of an Extroverted Introvert and need my alone time to decompress and process the day.  

CP: How do you look after your own wellbeing?

I look at wellbeing in three parts – what feeds my body, my mind and my soul. Though there are many things I do to fulfil those three elements, the most consistent ones I have in place are:

Body = Gym

Mind = Therapy

Soul = Music

If at any point one of these three aspects of Me does not get enough attention, everything goes off balance and my ability to process my emotions and feeling of overwhelm diminishes, as well as how restful my sleep is, how healthy my diet is and how much my inner critic starts shouting! 

CP: What’s your favourite part of the Cityparents programme?

JR: I absolutely LOVE designing the wellbeing programme. Personal, human development has been a huge thing for me for the majority of my life – the need to understand myself and those around me, as well as how we all relate to each other. The importance of knowing your values and your heart and learning how to exist in a state of Happiness. Much of what I have tried to bring into the programme this year are concepts and ideas that I truly think will make a difference in people lives and help alleviate some of the pressure we put on ourselves to be some obscure version of perfection or, rather, to be who we think the world thinks we have to be. 

Some of the standout webinars for me have been The Science of HappinessSelf-Awareness: The Number One Life Skill and the upcoming sessions Patience is Your Superpower! and one not yet on the website, but the session that will close out the wellbeing programme for this year will be on Authenticity and how being your true self is what can really make you thrive in the world. That one is sure to inspire so look out for its release on the site!


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