Introducing WorkLife Central

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clock Released On 12 May 2022

Introducing WorkLife Central

Cityparents has a new name - introducing WorkLife Central

We are delighted to introduce you to WorkLife Central, the new name for Cityparents. Whilst we’re changing our name, our mission remains the same: to support, inform and inspire professionals, parents and carers in their work life, home life and wellbeing.

For context

Originally established 10 years ago to support working parents, over recent years our programme has expanded to provide expertise, information and inspiration to all professionals, and at the same time has transitioned from an in-person offering to a wholly-online resource. Today, we are a digital hub of expert-led content accessible both Live and On Demand – and from anywhere - covering five core topic categories of Careers, Families, Inclusion, Wellbeing and Workplace.

It is now time for our name to catch up with this development. 'Cityparents' contains two very specific words which reflected our origins 10 years ago in the Square Mile of London and our core focus on working parents, and doesn’t encapsulate the transformation we’ve witnessed in recent years - for example, finding our new home online, expanding our topic areas and growing our offering through new formats such as On Demand Videos/Shorts, Workshops and Support Groups.

We chose the name WorkLife Central because it cements our position as a leading provider of expert-led resources supporting professionals in their home and work lives. From the onset of the naming debate we were set on finding a name that focused on what we actually do, not who our audience is. We wanted the new name to feel fully inclusive – so that any professional, wherever they work and whether they are a parent or not, feels welcome to join our community.

To find out more about why we're rebranding, and why we chose our new name, please read this interview with WorkLife Central CEO Louisa.

Looking ahead

Although our name may have changed, our purpose hasn’t. Supporting working parents, carers and professionals with family responsibilities remains a core focus within WorkLife Central, and members benefit from a rich programme of content for family and home life in addition to the other topic categories.

We will continue to concentrate our efforts on ensuring we’re delivering the best possible range of support and resources to our members and clients. Aside from some small design tweaks to the website to accommodate the new name and logo, and our new domain name, everything else will remain very much ‘as is’.

If you’re a member, please be assured this will not impact the way you interact with WorkLife Central and you don’t need to do anything.  If you have any questions about this development, please contact one of the team.


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