Can You Be Yourself At Work?

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clock Released On 25 May 2023

Can You Be Yourself At Work?

WorkLife Central’s Annual Member Survey 2023

As companies recognise the need for diverse teams, inclusive and supportive working cultures and flexibility around work patterns and locations, the corporate world is showing growing understanding of peoples’ personal identities and home life experiences, and how these relate to their professional lives. 

With blurred boundaries persisting between work and home life, WorkLife Central’s 2023’s Annual Member Survey looked into the relationship between the two and the extent to which members felt they could be open about their identities and personal pressures at work. 

Highlights from the survey results include:

  • 27% of respondents say that home pressures have an ‘extensive’ impact upon working life. Increasing stress and anxiety was the largest negative impact of this, reported by 80% of respondents 
  • From a range of home life responsibilities, parenting (43%) and caring (36%) were rated as those which members were happy to discuss at work freely and openly
  • However, 30% of respondents said they would ‘Never share, and as much as possible conceal’ details at work about financial pressures they were facing
  • Fertility and divorce or separation were similarly taboo with close to 30% keeping personal experiences in these areas completely under wraps, followed by menopause at 18%
  • 87% felt ‘comfortable and open about who I am at work’ with regards to sexual orientation. Disability and neurodiversity scored notably less positively

Louisa Symington-Mills, Founder and CEO of WorkLife Central said:

“Corporate culture has come a long way: huge progress is revealed here which is very encouraging, especially for parents and carers, and it’s positive that many people feel they can be more open about their sexual identity, ethnicity and gender. However it’s concerning how many facets and challenges of personal / home life continue to be dealt with silently, or are even taboo, in particular divorce/separation, fertility, menopause and financial wellbeing.”

WorkLife Central’s Annual Members survey was undertaken during March 2023. 309 members of WorkLife Central responded, of which 88% are female, 12% are male and 77% either parents, step-parents, carers, or both. You can read the full report here.


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