Kate Black

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clock Released On 06 October 2020

Kate Black

Owner, Bespoke Nutritional Therapy.

Over twelve years ago, Kate Black realised she was in a terrible cycle of poor health. She had let her ‘grab and go’ lifestyle, highly stressful job and lack of self-care take over her life. She suffered numerous bouts of infection, put on weight and lost her ability to cope with stress. After several visits to the doctor, she knew she had to find another solution. it was in that moment she discovered nutrition and lifestyle medicine and went on to study it so she could rebalance her health and eventually help others.  

As the owner of Bespoke Nutritional Therapy she truly believes that the route to good health is through good nutrition. What we eat affects how we think, feel and perform. By making small changes, evidence-based nutrition can be used to support long term mental and physical health. She runs a busy clinic for 1:1 Bespoke Consultations, a ‘Feel Great in Five Weeks’ online programme, and aims to inspire as many people as possible with presentations and workshops. 


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