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clock Released On 06 October 2020

Brennan Jacoby

Dr. Brennan Jacoby is a philosopher and the founder of Philosophy at Work, an organisation helping businesses think their best. Brennan holds a B.A., M.A. and Ph.D in philosophy, and his doctoral work analysed trust in the context of interpersonal relationships and corporate character. With Philosophy at Work, he helps businesses and their people develop the psychological safety and cognitive confidence they need to think their best as they navigate an everchanging professional landscape. Recent projects include helping Deloitte UK cultivate a growth mindset, supporting The Wellcome Trust to explore trust in healthcare, and enhancing curiosity across Sony Music’s global community.  

A Macquarie Research Excellence Award recipient, Brennan is the author of: Trust and Betrayal: A Conceptual Analysis (Macquarie Univ. 2011).  His other publications include; The Vices and Virtues of Collaboration (commissioned by Dropbox, 2016), “The Doolittle Effect” in Four-Legged Therapy (Octopus, 2018), “Who Can You Trust in a Post-Truth World” (commissioned by Nesta); and “Innovative Enquiry” (Communication Director, 2018). 


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