Annual Matching Scheme

The Spring 2020 Cohort application window has now closed.

As part of the WorkLife Central Mentoring Programme we operate a cross-company Annual Matching Scheme, providing valuable 1-1 support to members of our network. The scheme opens annually for applications.  You do not need to be a parent, or based in London, to apply - the Scheme is open to all WorkLife Central members, and welcomes those seeking a virtual/Skype mentoring partner.

If you would like to apply to the scheme as a Mentor/Mentee, please read this page carefully as well our Annual Matching Scheme Code, which explains in detail the framework and parameters of the scheme.

Who is it for? 

We welcome mentor applications from women and men who would like to help their mentees to grow, overcome any obstacles they may be facing and to progress in their careers, benefiting from their own experiences and learning journeys so far. Mentee applications are invited from anybody, at any stage of their career, looking to navigate their career paths and/or work/life balance. Participants are typically from a broad range of professions including law, investment banking, asset management, insurance, human resources, information technology, regulation, professional services, real estate and media. A cross-company scheme has huge advantages in allowing mentees to be matched with a mentor from outside their own firm, or even (if desired) outside their industry/profession.

What is it for?

The purpose of the mentoring relationship is for the mentor to offer the mentee a supportive and confidential environment in which to discuss and think through any issues regarding their work/home life.

What would I have to do as a mentor/mentee?

We ask mentors and mentees to commit to meeting either in person or by Skype/equivalent approximately every six weeks for a year. After this time, if the relationship continues it will be outside the scope of the Scheme. All participants are asked to abide by our WorkLife Central Mentoring Code which sets out the parameters of mentoring and offers suggestions for the continuation of the mentoring relationship.

What support is available once I've been matched with a mentoring partner?

As a participant in the Annual Matching Scheme, you have the full resources of the broader Mentoring Programme available to you. This includes dedicated Mentoring events and webinars sharing expert advice on a range of career-related topics; Mentoring Surgeries in which you can check in with Scheme Adviser Sarah Tennant and seek support on how to have good mentoring conversations; our dedicated Mentoring Circles; quarterly Newsletter; online expert advice resources; and blogs / personal perspectives sharing peer experiences of mentoring. The Scheme Adviser is available for ad-hoc email support as required. Should your matched pair not work out, or if you or your mentoring partner are unable to continue with the pairing, please advise the Scheme Adviser as soon as possible and we will offer a re-match where possible. 

The 2020 application window closes on Friday 22nd May, and notifications of matches will be emailed out to the email address you provide, during w/c 19th June. If you identify any issues with your proposed match, please let Sarah Tennant know as soon as possible.

The 2020 Cohort formally begins on 1 July 2020, and lasts for 12 months, ending 30 June 2021. All participants are invited to join our 7th July online Mentoring Surgery, at which you will hear practical advice for getting your mentoring partnership started. 

Is there a fee?

For prospective Mentees:  Participation as a Mentee is free for WorkLife Central members who are employees of Full Corporate Access Pass holders and any individual member with a valid Full Individual Access Pass. If you need do not have a Full Individual Access Pass but would like to apply as a Mentee, you will need to purchase your Pass prior to registering; you can do this here. If you'd like to check whether your employer has a Full Corporate Access Pass, check the list here. If you are an Online Access Pass holder and would like to upgrade your membership to enable you to participate in the Scheme, please contact us. 

For prospective Mentors: There is no charge for Mentors to join the Scheme. If you apply to the Mentoring Scheme as a Mentor and are successfully matched, you will be provided with a Mentoring Pass for the duration of the 2020 cohort (i.e. until 30 June 2021) enabling you to access the whole WorkLife Central Mentoring programme including Mentoring Circles, Online Resources and all WorkLife Central Network Events and Webinars.

How can I find out more?

Please read our Annual Matching Scheme Code which explains in detail the framework and parameters of the scheme. We have extensive information about mentoring available here too. If you have specific queries about mentoring or the mechanics of the Annual Matching Scheme, please contact Louisa


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