WorkLife Central Families Network Community

The WorkLife Central Families Network Community is a free resource for WorkLife Central corporate member firms. 
If you are responsible for running an internal Families/Parents & Carers Network at a WorkLife Central member firm, the Families Network Community is here to support you. Through a regular newsletter, and a Roundtable discussion group, we aim to:
  • Help shape your network agenda and support your events/programme planning
  • Coordinate key awareness days/weeks
  • Provide a forum to share ideas for boosting your network member engagement
  • Help you navigate the process of running an internal network alongside a 'day job'
The next online Roundtable event for the Families Network Community will take place in 1 February 2024.  Group discussion will centre around Network intersectionality -  how networks can work together to support employees across multiple aspects of their life and identity.  For any queries, please contact Christy.
At this session we'll talk about how we plan our programme at WorkLife Central; let you know about key upcoming awareness days in the coming months that can cornerstone your network calendar; and share planning suggestions.  Group discussion will center around network names / branding, increasing member engagement, and measuring success.

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