The essential employee benefit for work, home and wellbeing

Add WorkLife Central to your Employee Benefits programme and provide your staff with essential support, expertise and inspiration across their work life, home life and wellbeing. Cost effective and highly valued, our programme is fully online and access is available globally to all staff.


Why join WorkLife Central?

✓ instant access ‘turnkey’ employee benefit

✓ cost effective and low maintenance

✓ high quality tailored content for busy professionals delivered by hand-picked experts

✓ covers the topics that matter across wellbeing, careers, family life, inclusion and the workplace

✓ multi-media online programme staff can access as-needed

✓ compliments and enhances your existing employee benefits package

✓ enhances your D&I agenda

✓ supports L&D, career progression, upskilling, professional development and work-life integration

Want to know who else uses WorkLife Central?

Our clients are some of the biggest companies in the UK across financial services, media, real estate, professional services, insurance and banking & finance - view our current corporate member list here

Sign up today to:

  • create a highly valued employee benefit and support your employees across their work and home lives
  • give all your employees free access to our full programme of content, accessible online and globally
  • provide a cost-effective way to enhance and complement your internal initiatives
  • promote talent retention and satisfaction
  • join our Families Network Community - a free benefit exclusively for our corporate members, providing essential support and resources to your employees who are responsible for running internal Families/Parents & Carers Networks/ERGs
  • gain access to WLC+, our bespoke content offering - delivering events and resources tailored to your organisation's needs

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