On Demand: Recordings, Videos, Shorts

WorkLife Central On Demand consists of ready-to-view videos, webinar recordings and bitesize video shorts, which you can access at your convenience in your own time.

WorkLife Central Shorts are short, snappy, 5-10 minute long videos delivered by our carefully selected expert speakers. These complement our main webinar programme, offering a time efficient way for members to receive the information they need to be supported and inspired.

Webinar Recordings are recordings of webinars that have taken place in our Live programme. They are published in our On Demand programme within 24 hours of the live stream date. They will be available to watch for up to 45 days.

On Demand content covers five main topic areas - careers, wellbeing (including 'Resilience', designed to support members through Covid-19), families, inclusion and workplace - and you can find out more about our core topics here. If you'd like to find out more about our expert speakers and read their biographies, click here.

Our On Demand programme is listed here. To view you need to be a registered member of WorkLife Central; for more information on how you can join, please click here.


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