Elizabeth Michelle

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clock Released On 06 October 2020

Elizabeth Michelle

Dr Elizabeth Michelle is a London-based psychologist, speaker, workplace engagement consultant and educator, with a specialist focus in the workplace on optimising millennial and gen Z performance and retention. She has worked with a wide cross-section of society; from offenders in prison, to B2B companies and the C-suite that lead them.

Educated at Cambridge University (BA Joint-Hons, MPhil), she is also an Expert Educator and has a Doctorate in Psychology and Psychotherapy. Dr Elizabeth works with at-risk adolescents, extensively with trauma, harmful behaviours and suicidal ideation. She has her own private practice as well as working in community organisations and is proud of the new Mental Health Education programme she is developing for community schools. Dr Elizabeth runs interactive, well-informed, exciting and bespoke workshops for companies, to provide context and understanding to generational differences at work.

Dr Elizabeth is all about bridging the gaps at work, enhancing performance and maximising potential. 


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