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clock Released On 24th Nov 2020


Special offers and discounts for Cityparents members provided by our expert parenting speakers.

Access to these offers provide additional support for your responsibilities at home and include discounts on existing products and services or the creation of bespoke services in support of the sessions for Cityparents.

Anita Cleare, Positive Parenting Project

Anita provides non-judgemental, practical and effective parenting support based on a sound research base of clinical evidence. With a talent helping parents step back and reflect on parent-child dynamics Anita aims to help parents cut through the fads and fashions of parenting advice and focus on how modern parents can apply simple evidence-based approaches in ways that work for their unique family set-up.

Anita is currently offering a 15% discount on one-to-one parenting coaching sessions with the Positive Parenting Project.

Sessions are tailored to fit your specific needs and will begin with a free phone consultation. There is an option of online or in person sessions (when again permitted to do so) and these can be for couples or individuals. 

To claim this offer please quote CITYPARENTS on booking. 

Nadim Saad, The Happy Confident Company

The Happy Confident Company’s mission is to improve the happiness and confidence of children and families all over the world. They offer essential tools and resources to guide families towards growing their emotional intelligence and building life skills together to feel like a united team. Their most popular items include:
- The Happy Confident Me Journals which are designed specifically for kids aged 6-12 to help them achieve greater levels of happiness and to build their confidence.
FEELIT! the card game for the whole family that helps them identify, articulate and express their feelings.
The Family Growth Mindset online course, designed for the entire family to encourage the development of resilience, the skill of bouncing back and the ability to learn from mistakes. 

20% off the entire Happy Confident website for Cityparents member using the code CITYPARENTS20

Gill Tree, Stressed Parent

Gill Tree founded Stressed Parent in 2014 having become a stressed parent herself when she became a single Mum through adoption in 2011 to a highly traumatised and challenging three-year old boy. Originally a stress management trainer to industry, she started providing resilience programmes to parents and carers and has since specialised in mentoring parents of violent, aggressive and controlling children. 

Gill is currently offering:

20% off the Stressed Parent E-Course “From Hostility to Harmony” an eight hour film based e-course presented by Gill. Usual investment £125, City Parents £100

20% of the e-course plus ten private one hour mentoring sessions over Zoom, with email support in-between.  Usual investment £1265, City Parents £1012 

Use discount code: Cityparent


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