Aimed at team managers and leaders and those with an active interest in HR and Diversity and Inclusion. It covers topics relating to the creation of flexible, inclusive work places, including flexible working challenges and solutions, implementing culture change, gender pay gap reporting, mental health and wellbeing at work, support for working parents and carers, and employee career development and progression.

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Working and Caring in Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on caring in all its forms – including the growing number of workers who are caring for older, disabled or ill family members or friends. Resear... Read More

How Hiring Has Changed Forever

How Hiring Has Changed Forever Companies of all sizes are feeling the impact of 2020. It is predicted that unemployment will reach record highs in 2021 (source: Institute of Financial Studies), ... Read More

Wellbeing in the workplace

As mental wellbeing becomes a growing priority for City businesses, some companies are creating roles that are fully focused on supporting and improving the wellbeing of their staff. Bird & Bird... Read More
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