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We were delighted to have the opportunity to interview Paul Lindley, the Founder of Ella’s Kitchen, whose mission is to improve children’s lives through developing healthy relationships ... Read More
As children move into secondary school, dealing with peer pressure can become a more pressing issue.   How do children – and parents – respond to expectations of an ‘inst... Read More
Tax Free Childcare: what does it mean for me? Stephanie Rough, Corporate Childcare Manager at Parental Choice, explains how to get to grips with the new system. Since April 2017 the Government... Read More
Elaine Halligan, Director of the Parent Practice, offers some expert advice for parents on how to manage screentime this summer. When the summer holidays begin we are excited about the thought... Read More
Managing children’s screen time appropriately during the day and increasingly, after bedtime is an ongoing concern for many parents.  The experts at Digital Awareness UK share their recen... Read More
What does it mean to raise a 'smart' child?  This is a question I have often grappled with as a school teacher, mother of 4 and in my work supporting thousands of families through '... Read More
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